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Welcome to Sonnenaxt Software Development
Sonnenaxt provides software development services which include animations, graphic designs, and websites.
Products and Services
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Most areas of this website allow general public access, but these animations in development are for existing clients.    If you are an existing client, sign in to your User Account to view your specific projects.    See the documentation on User Accounts for more information.

At the present time, the animations in our archive consist of both Adobe Flash animations and some animtions in MPEG format.    Our production of Adobe Flash animations has ended, but they are still viewable in the archive.

Our images are primarily created in Adobe Photoshop, but sometimes we use Adobe Illustrator depending on the final image requirements.    Of course, these images are then exported into a web-appropriate format such as PNG or JPG.

Depending on their final content and functionality, our websites are developed using Visual Studio, Adobe DreamWeaver, and Adobe Muse.    They use ASP.Net and ⁄ or HTML running on Windows Server 2008 R8 with SQL Server databases when necessary. Our primary web development languages are C#, Javascipt, jQuery, and jQuery mobile.